How to Handle Awkward Office Holiday Party Moments

Have you ever spilled a drink on someone while at a holiday party?

Perhaps you are at a table with someone who has drank a little too much?

This time of the year is filled with holiday festivities, including corporate dinners, dances, events which are meant to bring coworkers together and celebrate the start of a new year. However, these gatherings don’t always go as planned, and sometime accidents can happen. An interesting blog post from Accountemps gives a list of six awkward moments and ways on how to diffuse them at an office holiday party.

Christmas Party Moments

Going back to our original questions at the start of this post, the following could help:

Spilled a drink on a colleague? If you do spill a drink, immediately help them clean their clothing as much as possible. Also offer to pay for the shirt to be professionally cleaned or offer to purchase a replacement.

Trying to manage someone who has had a “bit” too much to drink? First and foremost, do not get caught up in the moment and join in on the behaviour. Pull them away if possible, offer water and be certain that the have safe transportation back to their residence.

For more tips and awkward moments feel free to follow the link to the original post and find out how to diffuse some of these situations. One thing is for certain: being respectful towards others and enjoying the evening festivities in a well behaved manner will ensure that you leave a strong impression with everyone you meet while having fun at the same time.

So go out there and enjoy the holiday celebrations. We wish you a peaceful holiday and prosperous new year, from all of us here at Office Plus:

Happy Holidays!

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