A Notebook Case That Can “Do It All”

Andy pokes his head through my doorway, “You coming, boss?”

“Be right there,” I call back, stuffing my portable desk into my laptop bag. I’ll be working remotely for the afternoon and therefore need to bring everything with me – file folders, my laptop, charger, tablet, USB stick, wireless mouse… the list goes on. It’s no wonder the old leather case is busting at the seams.Notebook-calculator-and-offic-17412668

I get the zipper up as far as it will close, and then swing the single strap over my shoulder. We have an important meeting this morning, and I haven’t even had a coffee yet – usually I’ve had at least two by now. It’s just going to be one of those days.

I give my desk a quick once-over to make sure I have everything before following Andy out the door. We’re carpooling to the meeting – an hour and a half drive. These rides with Andy are always interesting. I just hope we have time to stop for a coffee along the way.

As I turn the corner to head out the door, I hear an unfortunate sound – a loud tear followed by several consecutive crashes. I look down to see my laptop bag hanging open, and a trail of my belongings strewn across the floor.

“Great,” I mutter.

I bend over and start pushing everything together in one big pile on the floor. Andy comes to my side to help. “Yikes,” he says. “I guess that poor old bag just couldn’t take it anymore, huh?”

I nod, feeling frustrated. Now what am I going to do? I ask myself, scooping everything up into my arms. Andy disappears for a few moments and returns with a cardboard box. “It’s the best I could find,” he says, holding it out to me. I dump all of my belongings into the box and clutch it to my chest. How embarrassing.

Just then I spot the nice black case hanging off of Andy’s shoulder. He catches my eye and looks down. “From the Office Plus flyer,” he says, turning the bag towards me. “It’s the SwissGear Notebook Case with Tablet Pocket.” He unzips it, right in the middle of the hallway. I wonder what on earth he is doing, expecting all of his belongings to fall to the ground just like mine did. But nothing happens. He holds the case open, pointing out all of the different compartments whereBusinessman-Holding-A-Briefcas-7680334 his supplies are stored securely.

“Wow,” I mumble, feeling a pang of jealousy. “It’s so nice and… organized.”

“It’s great,” he says. “You really should get one.”

Clearly. I make a mental note to order the exact same case as soon as I return to the office this evening.

Andy and I walk out to the parking lot, my cardboard box in tow. “Think we’ll have time to grab a coffee?” I ask, opening the door to the backseat and shoving my box inside.

“I think it’s fair to say you could use one,” Andy replies, ducking into the driver’s seat.

I join him in the front, on the passenger’s side, and he starts the engine. “Hey Andy?” I ask. “Next time you order anything from Office Plus – anything at all – mind letting me know first?”

He nods, smiling. “You got it boss.”

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