Office Fuel: Time To Restock on Supplies

Today’s client meeting was so inspiring. I leave the conference room with a smile on my face and a growl in my stomach. I was so intrigued by all the new ideas floating around, I forgot to break for lunch. But my pen’s run out — a symptom of excited note-taking — so I decide to stop over at the supply closet on my way to the lunchroom.

Office Misadventures Refilling on Office Supplies

When I get there, I see Andy digging through a stack of empty boxes.

“Any pens left?” I ask him.

“Not that I can see,” he tells me, “but I’ll keep an eye out while I search for paper clips.”

I roll my eyes and let out a laugh. Andy is always building something out of paper clips. Last Secret Santa, it was a gag gift for me: an eyeglass chain. He knows that I’m always misplacing my glasses. My stomach growls again, so I tell Andy to let me know if he comes across anything, and I head to the lunchroom.

After lunch, I see Brigid pass my office door in a hurry. I hear her digging in the supply Empty Office Supplies Shelfcloset, then she shouts, “Does anyone have liquid paper? I just fudged an expense sheet that payroll needs in five minutes!”

I search through my top drawer and find an old, crusted bottle. “I’ve got one here, Brigid, but I’m not sure it’ll work,” I say as I shake the bottle skeptically.

“Anything will do!” she responds before speed-walking back to her desk with the dried-up bottle.

I open my notebook to continue with the client notes from earlier, but quickly remember my pen’s out of ink. I head over to Andy’s desk. “Did you find anything in the supply closet?” I ask him.

“Aside from printing supplies, everything is really low,” he says with a frown.

 “Could you take a look at the Office Plus monthly flyer with Martha?” I ask him. “Order lots! I know she told me about a bulk deal on pens, Wite-out and paper a few days ago.”

“Will do,” he responds with a smile. “And hey, any chance I can order a few extra boxes of paper clips? You know, Secret Santa is just a few months away!”

We share a laugh as I pat him on the back, “Anything for your art, Andy.”

On the way back to my office, I can’t help but feel grateful for the employees I get to spend my days with. Then I remember my pen. I sit down and let out a sigh, thinking, “How will I finish my notes?”

Just then, Andy pops his head into my office. “A special delivery for Rona,” he says as he tosses me a box of pens. “Looks like Martha had a secret stash just for the occasion.”

I should have known. Even for something as simple as an empty pen, they always have my back.

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