Back to School (and Business) Planning!

Father Seeing Kids Off To School Before WorkAh, the sweet sound of the school bell. If your kids have been home all summer, you know the relief that comes when September strikes. You also know that back to school season can be bitter sweet. This time of year brings about a lot of change, which means adjusting schedules and planning, planning, planning.

When it comes to change, nothing works like a good strategy. Forethought is your best friend here, which means it’s never too early to get your ducks in a row. Whether you’re returning to work after a long summer holiday or are about to send the kids back to school, prepare yourself with these time management strategies.


  • Use a calendar AND a planner. It’s important to have a household calendar, one that everyone has access to. This can be posted on the fridge, by the breakfast table, or the front door. A household calendar will allow you coordinate plans with family members, thus avoiding the dreaded double-booking. In addition to your household calendar, get a personal planner. This is a great tool for setting deadlines and personal reminders. Between a calendar and planner, you’ll have personal and family plans under wraps.
  • Always give yourself more time. Think it’ll only take 15 minutes to drive the kids to school and get yourself to work? Give yourself 30. By allowing buffer time, you’ll avoid the stress of last-minute delays.
  • Create a daily routine. Repetition is the best practice for honing in on time management. If, every morning, you make the coffee, walk the dog and wake the kids in the same order, you won’t have to constantly check the clock; after a week, you’ll know how long these tasks take you, and you can organize your morning without constantly checking in on your time.

For more ways to tackle time management and back-to-school schedules, check out

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