How to Prevent a Cold and Stop it from Spreading (Infographic)

As the weather is cooling and winter approaches, we start to see everyone around us catching the common cold and sometimes even the flu. This article describes in detail the precautions we can take and how to handle an illness if we do end up catching one.

Here’s how you can prevent catching any of the illnesses going around:

  • Wash your hands as much as you can
  • Never touch your mouth, nose, or eyes without washing your hands
  • Don’t share food or other things that go in the mouth (ex. Double dipping your chips)
  • Try to have your family cough and sneeze into tissues, if there is no time to grab a tissue have them cough or sneeze into the inside of the elbow instead of the hands
  • Avoid sharing personal items like toiletries, towels, and pillows
  • Get proper rest and good nutrition to improve resistance and boost immunity
  • Use paper towels instead of community towels in bathrooms and the kitchen
  • Avoid contact with objects that an ill person has been in contact with
  • Try not to sleep in the same bed as a sick family member
  • Disinfect hot spots in the home such as phones, remotes, handles, switches, and computer accessories

Make sure to have extra toothbrushes and personal tubes of toothpaste for each family member, plenty of tissues, and medicine such as throat lozenges and cough syrup before an illness strikes. Remember that colds and flu spread fast, so always make sure that you take any actions needed to prevent catching what everyone else has. As well, if you do end up catching an illness, make sure you take the required amount of time off of work, or work from home if it is an available option, so that you don’t spread what you have all around the workplace.

Here is a great infographic on the common cold & how to prevent it:


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