Stay Healthy During Seasonal Climate Changes

Every year, we hear how to boost immunity during cold and flu season. But there are four seasons, and we want to stay healthy for all of them.

The best strategy during seasonal changes? Prevention. Most of us have suffered a summer cold or fall exhaustion. By preparing our bodies for the change, we can cut down on the number of days we spend in bed.

Let’s get started.

Healthy Habits for Changing Seasons.

  • Boost your immune system. By nourishing your immune system year-round, you’ll have an army of good bacteria to fend off cold and flu, no matter the season. The best defense? Exercise and healthy lifestyle. Vitamin A, Selenium and Zinc are also important for maintaining balance, but be wary of “miracle supplements”; a healthy immune system can’t be achieved with a single pill.
  • Be social. Friendship charges us emotionally and physically. In one study, researchers found that the more social a person is, the more flu-fighting antibodies they produce.
  • Eat seasonally. Humans did it for thousands of years, making this a great way for your body to stay in-tune with the changing seasons. The reason? These foods give you the vitamins and nutrients you need, when you need them. In the summer, foods like corn and berries will be plentiful. In the fall, transition to root vegetables. The winter is a great time for consuming canned, pickled or fermented goods. In the spring, look for apples and sprouts. Check out this handy guide to learn more.
  • Get a massage. Finally, a reason to pamper yourself. Massages boost the immune system, decrease inflammation and lower stress hormones. A monthly or seasonal massage can make you happier and healthier — science says so.
  • Wash your hands. We left the broken record for last but couldn’t leave it off this list for one simple reason: it works. One study showed a 45% decrease of cold and flu transmission when participants washed their hands five time per day.

So, there you have it. Jump into autumn with your healthiest self!

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