How do you know if you’re sitting too much?

You’ve been sitting for a while, but you can’t really remember how long it’s been. If that’s the case then, chances are, you’ve been sitting too long!

Too Much Sitting

But things aren’t always so cut-and-dry. You know that excessive sitting is referred to as the sitting disease, a condition that increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and a slew of other illnesses. You just aren’t sure if you’ve been sitting too long. So, time to develop a little self-awareness and create new habits before things get out of hand.

Signs you’re sitting too much:

You just feel… blah. Time to get the blood pumping! Your body has been stagnant too long and is asking you for a little movement.

You’re feeling down. Excessive sitting increases loneliness and depression. And it’s easy to understand why: sitting alone is isolating. So get up, take a walk around the office, and say hello to a colleague.

You feel on-edge. You’re feeling irritable and anxious, but you’re not sure why. Sitting could be to blame; it’s been linked to increased anxiety.

You’re gaining weight, or you feel bloated. When you sit for longer than 15 minutes, your digestion slows down. Don’t wait for that to happen; have a quick walk or stretch throughout the day.

You’ve got a sore back or headache. Pain is your body’s way of sending out an SOS. If you’ve developed a headache or backache, it’s likely you’ve been sitting too long.

If you’ve noticed these symptoms, you’re not alone. The average person is sedentary for 21 hours every day. To calculate your time spent sitting at work, use this helpful  Sitting Calculator from

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