Holiday Office Potluck Ideas

Ah, the holiday potluck and the dreaded question: what will you make? Stop guessing over food allergies, how many people are already making brownies or where you’ll find the recipe for the dish you made last year. We’ve got five crowd-pleasing recipes, one of which is sure to fit your office’s palate.

Please-everyone Corn Bread

Corn Bread - Holiday Office Potluck Ideas

You can never go wrong with cornbread. And this dairy-free, gluten-free option is safe for everyone. The best part? You can serve it chilled. So bake it the night before, wrap it up and it’s good to go. Get the recipe here.

Stand-out Salad

Stand-out-Salad: Holiday Office Potluck Ideas

Made of wheat berry, cranberry and kale, this hearty winter salad will please even your most green-averse colleague. It’s sweet, crunchy and colourful. And so easy to take-along. Get the recipe here.

Easy, Cheesy Bake

Cheesy Bake: Holiday Office Potluck Ideas

The ultimate comfort food, crispy on top and gooey with cheese. Sausage rounds out this classic Italian ‘potato cake’. You’ll want to reheat before serving, but it’s travel-friendly and easy to make in advance. Get the recipe here.

Indestructible Crumble

Apple Crumble: Holiday Office Potluck Ideas

Hearty and easy to take-away, go with a crumble. A pie will crack, but a crumble will look great even after a lengthy commute. We love this apple option, suitable for vegans, gluten-free and sugar-free folk. The yummy coconut cream topping is optional. Get the recipe here.

Festive Dessert

Festive Dessert: Holiday Office Potluck Ideas

Put a twist on the classic holiday sugar cookie in the form of peppermint, chocolate and — you guessed it — take-away ease. Peppermint chocolate sugar cookie bars are just unexpected enough, while appealing to cookie traditionalists. And taking a hammer to a handful of candy canes for this topping is the ultimate holiday shopping therapy. Get the recipe here.

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