Fall More In Love With Canada As It Turns 150

Canada's 150th BirthdayWhen you think of Canada, you think of the cold, Olympic winning hockey teams and Tim Hortons.

Little do you know, there is so much more than that in the beautiful country many are lucky to call home.

Canada was founded on July 1, 1867, and was made part of the British colony. From there Canada has grown as a country and become the home to over 35 million people.

Here are 10 Facts About Canada, the Hockey loving, Tim Hortons drinking country.

  1. Roughly 30% of Canada’s land is covered by trees.
  2. The Maple Leaf flag did not become the official flag of Canada until February 15, 1965 almost 100 years after becoming a country.
  3. In Banff National Park (located in Alberta), there are wildlife bridges over highways for the wildlife to cross the road by.
  4. Montréal is the largest French speaking city in the world, outside of France.
  5. Canada produces 77% of the world’s Maple Syrup.
  6. Foods that Canada consider to be theirs include Peamael bacon, poutine, maple syrup and Timbits.
  7. Canada holds two Olympic records: 1. The most gold medals won by a country in a winter Olympics and 2. The most gold medals won by a host country in a winter Olympics.
  8. The Royal Canadian Mint created a coin that has a face value of $1 Million, the coin is made of 99.99% gold and weighs 220lbs.
  9. Canadians eat 55% more Kraft Dinner than Americans do.
  10. Each year Canada has the Polar Bear Dip, an event where thousands of people across the country run in to freezing lake water during the winter months.

Canada is the home to many great places, people, athletes, entertainers, animals, and beautiful sights to see.

This year, to celebrate Canada turning 150, the government is granting free access to all of Canada’s National Parks. You can order your 2017 Discover Pass here.

There are 47 National Parks located across all of Canada. With 47 parks there is no shortage of discovery for 2017. Make the most of this year and stay active!

Take the time to explore all of the beauty that this wonderful country has to offer and experience the greatness of Canada.

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