Benefits of Using Custom Stamps

Stamps seem to be one of those outdated items that we never keep top of mind. But can be beneficial in today’s digital age? Absolutely.

Stamps, including custom options, can help your business by:

Keeping Things Organized

Have a hard time keeping track of what invoice has been paid? Need a review date on a proposal? Having a stamped date on certain documents can ensure their accuracy and allows for easy future review (who wants to memorize the dates of all paid invoices?).

Benefits of Using Stamps


Whether you’re approving new patients, customers or prescriptions – having a customized stamp can make official documents feel more welcome. Feel free to include your logo/branding, contact information or even a smiley face (having fun is encouraged in business) to help brighten your customer’s day! Custom stamps build on your organization’s branding efforts – using them regularly throughout all documents can help with top of mind awareness with customers.

Variety of Options/Sizes

We tend to think of stamps as one-size-fits-all, however stamps (particularly custom ones) come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you need something for envelopes or larger printer format paper sizes – there is a fit for all needs!

So what are you waiting for? Find one of our locations near you and stamp in to see all of our options!

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