How to Keep Resolutions

With the start of a new year most of us are starting or planning some sort of new year resolutions; whether you are starting a health regimen or simply looking to be more active in your community, sticking to a new year’s resolution can be tough. We all know that fitness centers are packed in January and usually back to normal near the end of the month!

How To Keep Resolutions

Resolutions are not limited to the new year however, we all want to improve our business, health or some aspect of our life with resolutions. So what can we do to stick with our plans? How to keep resolutions?

According to an article there are 10 tips for keeping your resolutions for the new year, but they span beyond just new years resolutions. They outline the following 10 tips (for a more detailed outline of each, you can visit the original article) for successfully sticking with resolutions:

  1. Choose a specific, realistic goal
  2. Pick just one resolution
  3. Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve
  4. Start with small steps
  5. Avoid repeating past failures
  6. Remember that change is a process
  7. Don’t let small stumbles bring you down
  8. Get support from your friends and family
  9. Renew your motivation
  10. Keep working on your goals

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