Winter Floor Care Tips

With the beauty of white snow covered trees, also comes the slush and grime of melting snow.  Which then of course, gets tracked into your facility.  The endless cycle of ice melt pellets on your floor, followed by the salt stains on your mats and carpets repeats for months until Spring finally arrives.  But it’s not hopeless, there are some things you can do to help your facility look its best during Winter – here are some tips!

Apply a Floor Finish Before the Winter

By mid-fall, you should consider preparing your hard floors for Winter by applying a floor finish.  This will not only add a nice sparkling shine to your floors, it also actually acts as a barrier to protect your floors from the harsh winter elements of ice melt and standing water. 

Implement an Entrance Mat System

An effective entrance matting system can remove as much as 90% of soils from shoes.  A proper entrance matting system consists of:

  1. A scraper mat – placed outside of your entryway to scrape off debris from shoes and begin the removal of any liquids. 
  2. A Scraper/Wiper mat – placed just inside the doorway or inside vestibules.  They clean shoe bottoms and remove any remaining liquid. 

Regular Cleaning

Daily cleaning and maintenance during the Winter to remove tracked in soil from your floors will decrease damage to your floors and reduce the frequency for restorative care, which can be more time-consuming and expensive. Be sure to use a wet/dry vacuum to clean up the debris so it doesn’t continue to be tracked into your facility.  Follow-up by wet mopping hard floors with an ice melt neutralizer solution to remove salt residue and hard water stains, changing the water frequently as you go along.

And there you have it, following these few simple steps will help to keep your facility looking at its best all year round!  If you need any help with product recommendations for your particular application, contact one of our product experts! 

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