#LeftHandersDay – August 13!

Barack Obama. Paul McCartney. Oprah Winfrey. Tracy from accounting. These are just a few of the great left-handers that have impacted our lives. And on August 13, we’re paying tribute to them.

Happy #LeftHandersDay

After years of struggling with scissors and can-openers, southpaws are getting the recognition and respect they deserve. It’s Left-Handers Day! And to celebrate, we’re sharing a few things that make lefties so special.

  • 13% of the world’s population is left-handed. And it’s not by random luck. Scientists believe that the trait is genetic, meaning it runs in certain families.
  • Mensa says that 20% of its brainy members are lefties.
  • Lefties are better drivers. According to one study, being left-handed makes you 10% more likely to pass your driving test on the first try.
  • Of the team of five that developed the first-ever Mac computer, 80% were left-handed.
  • If you’re left-handed, you likely earn 15% more than your right-handed peers. Studies show that this may have to do with lefties being well-suited to leadership and entrepreneurial roles.
  • Though roughly one-in-ten people are left-handed, one-quarter of Apollo astronauts were lefties.
  • According to the ancient Zuni people, left-handedness was a sign of wisdom and good luck.

How to Prepare your Office for Spring

Spring is finally here! Now, it’s time to celebrate by tossing out all things winter related and recreating your office work space to embrace the warmth of this highly anticipated season. Here are some things you can do in your office to get into the spring spirit!

1. Accessorize 

Bring spring inside of your office by adding colour to your office. Even if you work in a grey cubicle, some vibrant pictures and desk accessories could go a long way. Try a nice pastel coloured lamp, a vibrant pencil holder and some bright coloured picture frames to add the perfect spring touch. A little punch of colour can go a long way!


2. Flowers and Plants

Add a little life to your office with potted plants or bright flowers. Nothing says spring like fresh blooms! An office tip: make sure you select flowers that do not release strong scents, in case any of your co-workers are allergic or sensitive. Try tulips, sunflowers or daisies for a scent free arrangement.


3. Spring Clean your Office

This may not be the most fun way to get ready for the spring season, but it will surely pay off! It’s time to clear away all that clutter and get organized. Throw away any documents you no longer need, re organize your documents in categorized files and buy a desk organizer to keep all your office supplies looking tidy. Spring cleaning can be virtual too! Clear off your desktop, organize your computer folders and get rid of any documents you no longer need.


The Power of Writing It Down: 5 Reasons to Put Pen to Paper

5 Reasons to Write Things Down

Did you know – Writing on physical paper leads to stronger brain activity? Writing by hand increases brain activity in recall tasks over taking notes on a tablet or smartphone. Additionally, those who write by hand on paper are 25% quicker at note-taking tasks than those who use digital technology. ~ NeuroscienceNews.com

Here are some other reasons putting pen to paper, is still a smart move!

1. The best way to increase the odds of achieving your goals is to write them down.

Research has shown only three out of 10 people write down their goals; and yet that 30 percent has been found to achieve more than the other 70 percent combined.

2. If you write it out in longhand, you’re more likely to remember it.

Studies have found the act of touching pen to paper allows you to recall what you’re writing in a way that touching a keyboard does not.

3. A handwritten sentence holds more permanence than one typed on a screen.

Sometimes we need to read our initial thoughts in order to gain a deeper understanding of the intended result. You can’t hit the backspace button on a notepad; nor can you hit one on life.

4. There are fewer disruptions available when writing on pen and paper.

We all know that when you want to get something done, the first step is avoiding the Internet. When writing longhand, you shut out the temptations of checking social media feeds, sports scores or the latest celebrity gossip.

5. Written lists allow a more tangible way of tracking success.

Fellow list-writers understand there are few things as satisfying as placing a physical checkmark beside an item on a to-do list. Written lists and goals enable you to see and celebrate your progress.