Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Old Office Equipment

Deciding how to dispose of old office equipment in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way has nearly become a “must” for most organizations. While there are a number of recycling programs which can help ease this processes – there are also alternative measures that not only ensure the equipment will not be harming the environment but that it is being put to good use for someone who may need it.

Recycling Old Office Equipment - Office Plus Blog

As the How to Donate or Recycle Old Office Equipment post outlines; these alternatives can be just as effective as recycling and will not cost your business a dime. Some of the alternative options mentioned are:

  • Donating equipment to nonprofit organizations
  • Using websites to connect with people seeking computers or equipment (Free Cycle)
  • Giving away to employees

Recognizing Employees in 2013

Giving recognition to employees is necessary for employee retention and work satisfaction. People who work hard and show results should be acknowledged for their efforts in some way, shape or form. Here are some highlights (for a full list of essentials, read ADMIRE’s post here) for the year 2013 as outlined by ADMIRE in their 2013 Employee Recognition Essentials post:

  • offer social recognition through easy interaction on an all encompassing platform
  • let the employees choose their own reward
  • no budget is too small
  • offer mobile efficiency – offer recognition and rewards to those on the go
  • offer employee training on the recognition platform



Do Social Tools Increase Workplace Productivity?

With September comes the talk of productivity, including a post of our own covering good productivity tips on effectively managing time and staying on top of work tasks. Another big online development which helps us communicate, interact and build our business is social media – one that usually brings up discussions regarding productivity. Does social media makes us more productive? Do we focus less when we are online?

An international survey has been summarized as an infographic by Marketing Profs to illustrate perception on How Social Tools Are Used in the Workplace, below are some response results:

  • 46% of global information works say using social tools has increased their productivity
  • 42% say that social tools have resulted in more workplace collaboration
  • Security concerns (68%) and productivity loss (58%) are the top two reasons social tools are restricted