The Importance of Employee Recognition

Your employees are the most important asset of your business and deserve recognition. When employees feel they are recognized, they are engaged, they work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. An engaged team is a successful team.

A recent survey found that Employee recognition has larger impact on engagement, productivity than salary.

The survey, which polled more than 4,200 employees and more than 1,600 human resources leaders, also found 64 per cent of employees would prefer to receive more meaningful recognition as opposed to more frequent recognition. The top three components of meaningful recognition are something specific an employee did, something they valued and the way they made a difference to the person who sent the recognition.

Half (53 per cent) of employees who believe their work isn’t authentically recognized by their employer are actively looking for a new job, compared to 27 per cent who believe their employer’s recognition is authentic, according to a survey by Gallup Inc. for software company Workhuman.

10 employee rewards and recognition ideas 

Not sure how to best show your staff members that you value them? Here are 10 time-tested employee rewards and recognition ideas – whether you’re remote or in the office.  

  1. Celebrate important milestones. Hold a virtual celebration to recognize achievements. Arrange for festive treats to be delivered. 
  2. Put it in writing. Acknowledge employees’ great work in an email or certificate. Copy key executives for more exposure. 
  3. Host regular check-in meetings. Schedule videoconferences or in-person meetings to encourage face-to-face communication and foster connections. 
  4. Highlight successes formally. Cite specific accomplishments during performance reviews, including reinforcing the type of work you want to see. 
  5. Support professional development. Offer tuition assistance for professional courses or certifications. Provide reimbursement for industry association memberships, conferences and publications. 
  6. Give them a call. Reach out to employees regularly to ask how they are doing and to acknowledge their contributions. 
  7. Reward them. Recommend individuals for external and internal accolades and encourage peer nominations. Feature top performers in the company newsletter. 
  8. Give the gift of time. Consult with your HR and legal departments for this one, but given the okay, encourage team members to log off early on Friday and offer additional time off or extra vacation days for jobs well done. 
  9. Develop new leaders. Ask employees to mentor others. Promote from within when possible, and make sure team members know about career growth opportunities in the company. 
  10. Introduce them to management. Invite company executives to join a team meeting or conference call. Arrange for team members to present project results. 

What companies are doing to help retain employees

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Simple Ways to Show Appreciation in the Office

Everyone loves to be appreciated, especially for the work they do in the office. Take some time to appreciate your fellow employees with one of these examples!

Hand-written Notes

By living in such a tech-savvy world, we are used to sending and receiving so many emails that it typically is the main resource for sending out a thank-you to someone that deserves it. Odds are, whoever is receiving this thank-you will quickly scan the message then trash it. Try taking the time to write out a nice letter, it shows that you are appreciative enough of this person that you would take the time out to do something nice for them.

Thank you post-it notes in many different languages.

Small Gestures

A small gesture respecting someone’s comfort and convenience can mean a lot. Even taking an employee’s empty cup or paperwork for them can make their day just a little bit better.

Acknowledge Absences

We all know that when employees take a vacation or even a sick day, their work gets added to your to-do list. Instead of getting frustrated about it, take the work happily then when the person returns, let them know how much they were missed and how important their contribution is to the office.

Give it back

Make sure that when you borrow someone’s supplies that you return them as soon as you are done with them. Don’t let the lender feel annoyed and inconvenienced.

Clean it up

On a busy day, it is really tempting to leave your dishes in the break room sink or your files piled on the conference room table. Schedule some time in your day to clean up your mess, it shows that you respect and appreciate the shared spaces in the office.

Offer Public Praise

Look for opportunities to pay small, genuine compliments around the office. Everyone loves to be told that they did a great job or look great and sometimes those are just what a person needs to brighten their day.

Give Second Chances

Everyone makes mistakes, so show people that you trust them to make things right the second time around.

Celebrate Milestones

You don’t need to shower your colleagues with gifts, but just taking the time to go to them and say “congratulations” on their personal and professional milestones can mean a lot to them.

Leave a Lagniappe

A lagniappe is a small, inexpensive gift such as a flower, hand-drawn doodle, or even a post-it note with a smile on it. Small gestures can make a big difference on a hard day.


Boost Employee Morale With An Office Barbecue!

Nothing makes a Canadian happier than soaking in some sun while firing up the grill. Think back to your last backyard get-together, surrounded by friends and family. The barbecue was turning out hamburgers, bellies were full, the sun was out and everyone was smiling. Now, imagine taking that mood-boosting activity to the office.

Studies show that small incentives and “fun” company culture lead to happier employees. Beyond that, happy employees are 47% more productive than their gloomy counterparts.

This summer, help put a smile on your employees’ faces. A company barbecue is a fun and simple way to boost office morale, so get out there and enjoy the sunshine (while you can)!

To help you along, here’s a cheat sheet for hosting the ultimate BBQ:

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Good luck and happy grilling!