Motivate Your Employees to Go Green

With Earth Day upon us, many businesses are looking for ways to go green at the office and promote sustainable work habits.

Did you know 82 percent of office workers believe their company could do more to improve their environmental performance?

By investing in small improvements, companies can make big changes. And studies show employees are eager to participate – they just need the right encouragement.

Here are 10 ways to make your office a little greener:

How to Get Your Office’s Sustainability Initiatives Into High Gear

Every business relies on some type of technology in order to effectively compete and be successful. While machines help increase our productivity – they simultaneously create more waste generated by the organization. While there are various programs implemented for proper disposal and waste management, there are a number of things that a company and its employees can undertake to reduce their waste.


According to a recent article from the Globe and Mail here are some of the 10 ways that sustainability efforts can be embraced (for a full-list see link at the bottom of this blog post):

  • Consolidate Your Devices
  • Digitize Content
  • Maximize Mobility
  • Involve Everyone
  • Dispose Responsibly

These are some of the major points that can help get your organization on the right path to reducing waste. Click here for a detailed list.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Old Office Equipment

Deciding how to dispose of old office equipment in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way has nearly become a “must” for most organizations. While there are a number of recycling programs which can help ease this processes – there are also alternative measures that not only ensure the equipment will not be harming the environment but that it is being put to good use for someone who may need it.

Recycling Old Office Equipment - Office Plus Blog

As the How to Donate or Recycle Old Office Equipment post outlines; these alternatives can be just as effective as recycling and will not cost your business a dime. Some of the alternative options mentioned are:

  • Donating equipment to nonprofit organizations
  • Using websites to connect with people seeking computers or equipment (Free Cycle)
  • Giving away to employees