Fun DIY Ideas Using Office Supplies

It’s time to unleash your creative side and take a look at how you can create fun and handy items using office supplies! Whether its binder clips lying around, or some extra binders, we have the perfect projects to make good use of your supplies.

Cable Organizer

No more tangling and unplugging the wrong thing! All you need is a couple of foldback clips and you’ll have a group of nicely organized cables.


Cord Labels

Another handy way to keep your cables neat and organized is by using masking tape! Cut the tape according to the size of the label you wish to have. Simply label your tape with a marker and wrap it around the specific cord.


Office Planter

Who doesn’t love a couple of plants on their desk? What better way to make your pots office friendly than with a floppy disk pot cover! All you need is a hot glue gun and five disks (if you still have them lying around). This pot cover fits a 4″ plant or smaller.


Laptop Stand

The things you can do with foldback clips are endless! Even preventing your laptop from overheating. Just grab 4 clips and some paper and you’ve got yourself a laptop stand.


Headphone Organizer

We told you the possibilities are endless with these foldback clips! Keep your headphones organized and tangle-free with this easy trick.


Binder Recipe Book

Another simple DIY project that only requires a binder and a utility knife. Keep your recipes clean and easy to read with this easy-to-make stand.


Book Binding

Depending on how many holes are punched into your papers, you’ll most likely only need a couple of paper clips and elastic bands. For this specific project – two paper clips and two elastic bands were needed for a two-hole punched project.


The Long Lost Earring Back

If you own earrings you’ve most likely lost an earring back or two, but don’t worry! A simple trick can save the day and keep you from having to stash your favourite earrings away. All you need is a pair of scissors/utility knife and a pencil eraser!


Zipper Pull Tab

Another DiY fixer-upper! Don’t go replacing that zipper when all you need is a simple paperclip! You can also choose different colours of paperclips to spice up your zipper’s look.


Masking the Shoe Scuff

If you have a pair of black shoes that happen to have a couple scuff marks on them, don’t throw them in the back of the closet just yet! Try this handy trick using a Sharpie permanent marker.



Don’t squish that delicious bagel in a sandwich bag! Clean out a round CD case and your bagel will fit perfectly inside. Great for those company picnics!


Paper Clip Hearts

The perfect added touch to a personal project or a gift! Create your very own heart-shaped paper clips by using a regular paperclip and some bending skills.


Will you try some of these DIY projects? They are all so fun, easy and can even solve a problem or two. We would love to hear what projects you’ve tried and how well they worked for you! Let us know in the comments below.

Office Fuel: Time To Restock on Supplies

Today’s client meeting was so inspiring. I leave the conference room with a smile on my face and a growl in my stomach. I was so intrigued by all the new ideas floating around, I forgot to break for lunch. But my pen’s run out — a symptom of excited note-taking — so I decide to stop over at the supply closet on my way to the lunchroom.

Office Misadventures Refilling on Office Supplies

When I get there, I see Andy digging through a stack of empty boxes.

“Any pens left?” I ask him.

“Not that I can see,” he tells me, “but I’ll keep an eye out while I search for paper clips.”

I roll my eyes and let out a laugh. Andy is always building something out of paper clips. Last Secret Santa, it was a gag gift for me: an eyeglass chain. He knows that I’m always misplacing my glasses. My stomach growls again, so I tell Andy to let me know if he comes across anything, and I head to the lunchroom.

After lunch, I see Brigid pass my office door in a hurry. I hear her digging in the supply Empty Office Supplies Shelfcloset, then she shouts, “Does anyone have liquid paper? I just fudged an expense sheet that payroll needs in five minutes!”

I search through my top drawer and find an old, crusted bottle. “I’ve got one here, Brigid, but I’m not sure it’ll work,” I say as I shake the bottle skeptically.

“Anything will do!” she responds before speed-walking back to her desk with the dried-up bottle.

I open my notebook to continue with the client notes from earlier, but quickly remember my pen’s out of ink. I head over to Andy’s desk. “Did you find anything in the supply closet?” I ask him.

“Aside from printing supplies, everything is really low,” he says with a frown.

 “Could you take a look at the Office Plus monthly flyer with Martha?” I ask him. “Order lots! I know she told me about a bulk deal on pens, Wite-out and paper a few days ago.”

“Will do,” he responds with a smile. “And hey, any chance I can order a few extra boxes of paper clips? You know, Secret Santa is just a few months away!”

We share a laugh as I pat him on the back, “Anything for your art, Andy.”

On the way back to my office, I can’t help but feel grateful for the employees I get to spend my days with. Then I remember my pen. I sit down and let out a sigh, thinking, “How will I finish my notes?”

Just then, Andy pops his head into my office. “A special delivery for Rona,” he says as he tosses me a box of pens. “Looks like Martha had a secret stash just for the occasion.”

I should have known. Even for something as simple as an empty pen, they always have my back.

An Agenda That Could Change Your Life?

I am just getting down to work when Andy comes barging into my office carrying a big box that is completely blocking his line of sight.

“Special delivery!” He calls out.

Suddenly, he trips over a pile of files sitting on the floor beside my desk and he – and the box – come crashing down. “Oomph.”

“Ah Andy are you okay?!” I jump out of my chair and scramble to his side to help him up, sidestepping my ‘to be shredded’ pile along with the spilled notebooks from Andy’s box on my way.

“I’m fine.” He sits up slowly, a distraught expression on his face.

His attention turns to the state of my office, and I immediately sense the judgments he’s making.

“I’m uh…re-organizing. September is a fresh start!” I explain.

Andy doesn’t look convinced. He pulls one of the notebooks that came from his large box, and opens it up. I quickly realize it isn’t a notebook, but a planner.


Andy grabs a pen from my desk drawer and scribbles something in the margin next to the month of September. Then he hands it over to me.

I look down and read Andy’s neat handwriting: “September is a fresh start!”

“Now, you can remember this moment, and use it to set your goals moving forward,” Andy says with a smile.

“But I don’t need a planner, I keep everything organized on my iPhone,” I reply.

“And how often do you look back at your digital notes, months later, to assess what you’ve accomplished?” He asks. “I use my paper agenda to track my goals – both professionally and personally. It really helps me stay on track.”

Where did this Andy come from? I think to myself. Mr. Goal Chaser.

“Nothing beats a handwritten collection of your thoughts,” he says. “All the great ones did it – Charles Darwin, Thomas Jefferson, Beatrix Potter.”

I flip through the planner, noticing the weekly and monthly page spreads, with plenty of room for notes. Maybe this is just what I need. “Thanks Andy, great idea.”

“Not to mention, I figure this way, when I become famous, I can sell my planner on eBay for the big bucks!” He jokes.

We sit on my office floor, laughing loudly. “Who knows, Andy? You’re so full of surprises, it just might happen!”