Creative Ways to Use Post-It Notes

A Post-It note can serve as more than just a reminder. These small, versatile sheets easily transform into multi-purpose tools — all it takes is a little creativity.

Drawn smiley face on a post-it note sticked on a cup

Our friends over at Good Housekeeping know a thing or two about getting creative with everyday products. This time, they’ve rounded up a list of unconventional Post-It uses. Here are a few of our favourites.

  1. Keyboard cleaners. Whether it’s dust or tiny crumbs littering your keyboard, a Post-It will do the job. Using the sticky side, blot in between keys to retrieve even the tiniest bits of dirt.
  2. How many times have you tried to unplug your mouse only to unplug the keyboard? Keep your cables organized by cutting the sticky part of a Post-It note, labeling it, and wrapping it around electrical plugs.
  3. DIY banners. Make a colourful, personalized banner for any party. Using stencils or free-hand, write one letter per Post-It and arrange on the wall. So crafty!

For the full list, check out Good Housekeeping.

How to Prepare your Office for Spring

Spring is finally here! Now, it’s time to celebrate by tossing out all things winter related and recreating your office work space to embrace the warmth of this highly anticipated season. Here are some things you can do in your office to get into the spring spirit!

1. Accessorize 

Bring spring inside of your office by adding colour to your office. Even if you work in a grey cubicle, some vibrant pictures and desk accessories could go a long way. Try a nice pastel coloured lamp, a vibrant pencil holder and some bright coloured picture frames to add the perfect spring touch. A little punch of colour can go a long way!


2. Flowers and Plants

Add a little life to your office with potted plants or bright flowers. Nothing says spring like fresh blooms! An office tip: make sure you select flowers that do not release strong scents, in case any of your co-workers are allergic or sensitive. Try tulips, sunflowers or daisies for a scent free arrangement.


3. Spring Clean your Office

This may not be the most fun way to get ready for the spring season, but it will surely pay off! It’s time to clear away all that clutter and get organized. Throw away any documents you no longer need, re organize your documents in categorized files and buy a desk organizer to keep all your office supplies looking tidy. Spring cleaning can be virtual too! Clear off your desktop, organize your computer folders and get rid of any documents you no longer need.


Beef Up Your Presentations

Successful business presentation of a man at the officeNot all presentations are created equal. If you want yours to make an impression, give your audience something to take away.

A good handout answers three questions: what, how and why. Think of it as an attendee cheat-sheet; your guests will stay engaged knowing that their notes are already taken care of.

Taking advantage of binders full of helpful documents helps keep presentation handouts organized. Separate different handouts with tabs, or load up on a large number of handouts for a big audience.

For more tips on improving the effectiveness of your presentations, check out the University of Kent’s Tips on Presentations.