Tips for Organizing your Workspace

Get Organized for the New YearStop combing through the piles of paper on your desk to find that note you left for yourself last week.  Gain efficiencies and reduce stress by taking the time to organize your workspace and setup systems to keep your space organized going forward.  Here are some tips to get you started! 

Donate, trash, keep

First, take stock. Create three piles labeled donate, trash and keep. Then, begin organizing the contents of your desk into that space. Leave no item behind. When you’re finished, the desk should be completely emptied into your piles.

Before you decide to keep the item, ask yourself when you used it last and when you’re likely to use it again. You can also apply the well-loved Marie Kondo method: if the item doesn’t give you joy, it belongs in the trash. In other words, if the pen always smudges or gives you a callus, maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a new one.

If it’s an extra stapler that you never use, donating to a colleague or charity goods organization could be the answer. For the trash pile, ask what can be recycled or composted. Many of your old documents can probably go into the compost heap!

Use that shredder

Often, we hold on to old documents because they contain sensitive information. If you want to maintain client privacy while shedding redundant documents, head to the shredder. It’ll lighten your load without compromising your business’ integrity.

Clean it up

When’s the last time your desk was bare? Now that your items are sorted into piles, give every surface a good dust and spray.

Create new organizing systems

Before you start returning items to your desk, reconsider your placement. Perhaps it makes sense to use that bottom drawer for shipping supplies and the top drawer for invoices, but you had everything wherever it fit in the past. Make note of opportunities that will make doing your job more seamless.

Dress it up

It’s amazing what a potted plant or picture frame can do. Studies show that personalizing your workspace can have major psychological benefits. So get down with some feng shui or add a pop of your favourite colour. You’ll thank yourself later.

3 Steps to a More Functional Office Design [Infographic]

Seeking some fresh inspiration at work? It might be time for a little office design makeover.

Studies have shown the physical environment of an office directly influences productivity. Take a look at your office layout and design. Does the space represent your business? Does it reflect the way you work? Is it organized, well furnished and visually appealing? Is it well-lit and well-ventilated?

Here are some office design ideas to freshen up your office space without spending a lot of time or money on a full-blown makeover:

1. Let in some light.

According to Parkin Architects Limited, “The presence of windows in the workplace and access to daylight is linked to increased work satisfaction.” Consider switching to a lighter window treatment to brighten up your office space.

2. Rearrange the furniture.

When making any new furniture purchases, take a moment to evaluate how the layout of your office is meeting your needs. Try to keep things easily accessible and open up the space to improve the overall flow of your office.

3. Organize your desktop.

Keep only the tools and gadgets you use daily on the surface of your desk, and have a designated space for additional supplies. You probably don’t need to have an overflowing cup of pens at your fingertips. Try to minimize the clutter . This month’s Office Plus flyer has a range of desk accessories, including pencil cups, magazine racks, folder sorters, etc., to help you stay organized.

See the infographic below for additional office design planning tips to help you create a functional, flexible and efficient office space.

The Importance of Proper Office Space Planning