Improve your Work Day with these Beneficial Snacks  

What you decide to eat throughout the day not only impacts your health but also your productivity. It is important to eat well throughout the day so that your body can perform at its highest potential. Eating foods that are high in fat or sugar will result in low energy as high fat foods take more work to digest and high sugar foods will spike the blood stream then crash. Don’t let temptations or a lack of time stop you from eating the nutritional foods your body desires. This article gives advice on which snacks to consume to get the nutrition your body needs.

Healthy snacking at work

Along with eating well, make sure to get plenty of sleep each night as sleep deprivation affects appetite and pushes you to eat twice the amount of calories as you normally would consume in a day.

Here are 16 quick, healthy, and inexpensive snacks:


Almonds make a satisfying snack that is rich in protein and healthy fats. They contain 9 essential nutrients, have the highest rate of proteins and fiber (3.5g fiber per 23 pieces) compared to other nuts, are rich in Vitamin E (35% daily value in 23 pieces), and contain monounsaturated fats.

Low-Fat Popcorn

As you may not know, popcorn is actually a good source of fiber (8g per 100g) and is a perfect snack to satisfy a craving for something crunchy and salty. Try to get popcorn that is low in fat as high fat foods take time to digest.

Fresh Fruit

Fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals and are a great snack for when you are craving something sweet. Fruits, especially berries, are high in antioxidants which help create a stronger immune system and a better work performance.

Dried Fruit

A less messy option to fresh fruit – dried fruit is high in fiber and potassium which makes them a great snack especially when in the mood for something sweet and chewy. Try dried apricots, apples, bananas, or raisins.

Dry Cereal

Try a cereal like bran flakes that contains a low glycemic index. The brain draws most of its energy from glucose, so by consuming cereals with a low glycemic index, glucose will be slowly released to the bloodstream which will minimize blood sugar swings. Best of all, these foods will increase brainpower and mental focus.

Protein Bar

Try to choose a protein bar that is less than 200 calories and contains fruits and nuts. Make sure to check the labels as many protein bars are high in calories.

Mini Flavoured Rice Cakes

For the times you feel the need to cheat your nutrition, grab some mini flavoured rice cakes. They’re low in calories and come in a variety of different flavours so you can get the satisfaction you’re looking for without paying the consequences.


Aside from the salt, pretzels are low in fat and can give you some carbs to help manage your hunger between meals.


One medium sized banana contains the needed amount of glucose by the brain to perform at its best. Frozen bananas are a great substitute to ice cream. If you’re having a sweet tooth moment, drizzle some dark chocolate on the banana to satisfy your craving.

String Cheese or Cottage Cheese

Cheese is a good source of protein which will keep your blood sugar levels steady so that you won’t become tired.

Wasabi Peas

For the people who like spicy, crunchy, and salty – try wasabi peas. They contain fiber and protein which will give you some energy and keep your blood sugars from lowering.

Hard-Boiled Egg

Eggs are a great source of protein and will keep you feeling full for some time. Try to eat your hard-boiled eggs in the kitchen away from your fellow employees as the smell can be offensive.

Vegetables and Hummus

Hummus is a good source of calcium, iron, protein, and fiber and eating it with vegetables is the perfect nutritious snack that is satisfying to both your body and your taste buds.

Tomato Juice

Sometimes when you think you are hungry or crave sugar, you are actually thirsty. Try to defeat this by having a low sodium tomato or vegetable juice.


Yogurt contains probiotics, protein, calcium, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and good bacteria. Maximize your nutrition and create a delicious snack by adding granola and fresh fruit to the yogurt.

Apples and Peanut Butter

The protein in the peanut butter and the fiber and carbohydrates in the apple will hold you over for a few hours. Satisfy your taste buds with this tasty snack. If you don’t like peanut butter (or are allergic) substitute it for almond butter.


Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance

North Americans tend to struggle drawing a line between work and home. Living in such a tech-savvy world has created assumptions that employees have to be accessible outside of the hours of 9 to 5, which skews the balance between work and home. This article sheds light on how involved North Americans are in their work and ways we can shadow the European workforce in handling work-life balance.

Work-Life Balance

Here are techniques to get your work life under control:

  1. Take your work e-mail off your phone.

Some employees have gotten in to the habit of constantly checking their phone for work-related emails. This can lead to unnecessary stress which cuts into personal time. By taking your work email off of your phone, you will no longer stress over work-related issues in your personal time and the temptation to always be checking for emails will disappear. Normally colleagues will not notice if you reply at 9:30am instead of 9:30pm the night before.

  1. Use you work laptop to do only work-related stuff and remove all your work-related stuff from your home computer.

Do your work at work and search the web in your personal time.

  1. Only check into work at work.

Corresponding to the first point, checking work-related emails causes unnecessary stress. Stress from being overworked causes health issues which are a reason why you need a clear boundary between work and home life.

  1. Make the most of your time at work.

By being as productive as you can at work, there will be less temptation to continue work at home as well as less stress over what you could have completed at work if you were more productive.

  1. Turn off e-mail alerts and keep your browser minimized.

By controlling interruptions, you will have more time to focus on what you have to do and therefore be more productive. Limit your e-mail checks to every half hour rather than every time you receive an e-mail.

  1.  Decline a meeting invitation if you’re not needed.

Going to a meeting you aren’t needed at just cuts time from your day to work on your important tasks. Create more time for yourself by declining these meeting invites or by asking for a time in the meeting you are needed at.


Do Social Tools Increase Workplace Productivity?

With September comes the talk of productivity, including a post of our own covering good productivity tips on effectively managing time and staying on top of work tasks. Another big online development which helps us communicate, interact and build our business is social media – one that usually brings up discussions regarding productivity. Does social media makes us more productive? Do we focus less when we are online?

An international survey has been summarized as an infographic by Marketing Profs to illustrate perception on How Social Tools Are Used in the Workplace, below are some response results:

  • 46% of global information works say using social tools has increased their productivity
  • 42% say that social tools have resulted in more workplace collaboration
  • Security concerns (68%) and productivity loss (58%) are the top two reasons social tools are restricted