How a Small Business Can Benefit from Giving Back

Of course, giving back feels great. But many businesses struggle to find the time, or resources, to interrupt a work day in the name of charity.

Here’s something that might help: by giving back, you’re also positioning your company for success. The lost wages and productivity from one afternoon of office-wide volunteer work can have massive returns. But how?

New Connections

Charity work is a great way to network with like-minded businesses. While you’re making connections with other companies that share your philanthropic outlook, you’re making an impression in your community, too.

Try it. Hold a 5k fun-run to benefit your local soup kitchen. You can encourage the community – along with other local businesses — to participate.

Build Brand Reputation

Social responsibility is becoming more and more valuable in today’s world, especially among Millennials. When a company shares its values – like giving back – it creates an opportunity for clients to connect with it, not just on a professional level, but on a personal, moral level. That kind of relationship is the foundation for loyalty.

Try it. Set up an office volunteer clean-up crew, and schedule regular visits – along with branded tees – to local beaches and parks.

Employee Retention

Simply put, employees like working for someone with moral character. If you care about giving back to the community, chances are you care about the well-being of your employees too. That message will come across loud and clear in your work environment.

Try it. Open up the company parking lot for a cash wash to benefit a local boys and girls charity. Make it a team-building exercise by creating big, colourful posters in the morning and set up the car wash after lunch.

Do You Have the Right Tech Skills?

Our workplace is overwhelmingly becoming more and more technology oriented. From laptops and mobile devices to smart watches, we are relying on technology more than ever. Recently, The Globe and Mail put together an article called Fifteen basic tech skills all entrepreneurs should have – in which they outline answers from some of the top entrepreneurs as to what skills they think all small business owners, freelancers or entrepreneurs need to have.

Learning New Tech Skills

While the list is relevant for entrepreneurs; it also carries over to all workers of all ages. These skills can help you stay on top of the job market and the increasing requirements that new jobs demand. Here is part of the list from that article:

  • Managing an inbox
  • Basics of analytics
  • Basic HTML coding
  • Communicating via social media
  • Customer acquisition
  • Handling your own computer
  • Map out e-marketing

The original article outlines more skills and details about each skill (see link above to original article). This is what leading entrepreneurs find as useful skills – how do you fare in your skill development compared to these tech capabilities? Keeping on top of new technology and developing relevant skills will be fundamental in staying prepared for a long, successful career.