Why are ergonomics important at the workplace?

You’ve heard about the benefits of an ergonomic workstation. But you might have asked yourself, what exactly does that mean.

Ergonomics is a design-oriented science. An ergonomic object — be it a keyboard or chair — is easy to use and promotes efficiency. By definition, an ergonomic workstation is crafted with intention, combining all elements to most benefit its user.

How important is an ergonomic workspace?

If your workstation is poorly suited to you and your needs, it can cause undue stress on your body and mind. Because we spend so much time at work, this repetitive stress can lead to injury and illness. An ergonomic workspace prevents the stress that can lead to longterm health issues.

Because every body is unique, you must adjust your ergonomic equipment to get proper support. This takes some effort, but the people over at CNET have you covered with a comprehensive guide. In just a few minutes, you can set up a workspace that promotes better posture, blood flow and productivity.

Ergonomics at the workplace