Health and Happiness Matter at the Workplace

Organizations are catching onto the fact that healthy and happy employees are more productive! According to a recent study done by the popular fitness tracker brand Fitbit, 80% of CEOs see corporate wellness programs playing a key role in reducing stress at work (even more than social events).

The workplace is shifting towards a more active environment where employees are expected to be less sedentary and more active. This means that it may be time for your company to start thinking about ways in which to implement wellness into every workday.

However, this is no easy task. Getting leadership to invest into workplace wellness usually requires stone-cold facts to support the investment. Luckily Fitbit Wellness put together a helpful infographic full of such findings:

Workplace Wellness Survey

Andy’s Good Vibrations

In the past week, I’ve heard every Beach Boys song under the sun. On repeat. Andy is feeling very excited about summer’s arrival and his enthusiasm is infectious. As a result, our office stereo has been working overtime.

Andy’s summertime energy is spilling over into other places, too. The break room fridge is full of coconut water, new office plants are popping up everywhere and Andy’s desk looks like the inside of a piñata.

I stop by on my morning walk through the office.

Andy,” I smile at him over a sea of blue binders and yellow tulips, “it’s looking very seasonal over here.

He smiles back. “I’ve never been so excited for warm weather!

After the winter we had…” I respond.

“Exactly! I thought some colour and music would really lift our spirits. You know, remind us what it’s like to see blue skies and sunshine.”

I think it’s working,” I say, gesturing around us. The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds is playing and, though it’s first thing on a Monday, spirits are high. “What made you think to do all of this?

It was a study I read online about boosting office health. It talked about plants, music and healing colours. You know — blue is energizing, green is calming, yellow boosts creativity — that sort of thing.

I nod, scanning his desk. “This is why we love you, Andy!

Andy blushes and gives a shrug. “We spend 40 hours a week here, Rona. I think we should love where we work.

My heart feels full. I completely agree. “Well said. Thanks for reminding us all of that.

We share a smile and I continue on to my office. Maybe it’s the warmer weather or the cheerful music, but I feel especially lucky today. Who says an office can’t feel like home?

Boost Employee Morale With An Office Barbecue!

Nothing makes a Canadian happier than soaking in some sun while firing up the grill. Think back to your last backyard get-together, surrounded by friends and family. The barbecue was turning out hamburgers, bellies were full, the sun was out and everyone was smiling. Now, imagine taking that mood-boosting activity to the office.

Studies show that small incentives and “fun” company culture lead to happier employees. Beyond that, happy employees are 47% more productive than their gloomy counterparts.

This summer, help put a smile on your employees’ faces. A company barbecue is a fun and simple way to boost office morale, so get out there and enjoy the sunshine (while you can)!

To help you along, here’s a cheat sheet for hosting the ultimate BBQ:

Ultimate Summber BBQ CheatsheetOr, you can skip the work altogether, and enter to win our BBQ lunch giveaway. It’s easy, just fill out this form to enter our random draw at the end of July 2014!

Enter Office Plus BBQ Contest

Good luck and happy grilling!