Every Office Needs Good Coffee — Enter to Win!

Ah, the sweet smell of coffee in the morning. It’s usually already hanging in the air when I arrive at the office, but today I don’t detect our signature scent.

Office Misadventure Team Drinking Coffee

I head toward the break room to switch on the coffee machine, and that’s when I see Andy. Sweat is rolling down his forehead, he’s got his sleeves rolled up and the coffee machine is broken into a million little pieces.

“Rough morning, Andy?” I ask as I put a hand on his shoulder. He jumps, startled by my presence.

“Rona!” he shouts in surprise. “You scared me. I’m a little… on edge this morning.”

“You don’t say?” I respond with mock sarcasm. Poor Andy. If ever he needed a cup of coffee, it seems it would be now.

“I hate to say it, but I think the coffee maker is about to meet it’s final resting place,” he tells me. “I fixed it last week, but my old tricks aren’t working.”

Now, I’m the one sweating. We have no room in our budget this month for a new coffee maker, and our office runs on 50% hard work and 50% good coffee. It’s only 8:30AM, but if we don’t have coffee when others start trickling in around 9AM, I fear a riot.

I’m about to enter panic mode when I remember something. “I have just the answer!” I respond, rushing to my office to grab this month’s Office Plus flyer. In a flash, I’m back at the break room. Now, both Andy and I look like we’ve run a marathon. We’re sweaty, we both need a coffee and we dread being the bearers of bad news about the broken coffee machine.

I open the flyer to page six and point at the Breakroom Upgrade feature. “All we have to do is go to www.play4fun.ca/monthly and enter to win a new coffee machine!” I say enthusiastically to Andy.

Coffee Contest September 2014

“Do you really think we can win it?” he asks with a smirk.

“Why not?!” I respond. “We’re due for a little good luck.”

“Let’s do it!” Andy says, snatching the flyer from my hands and excitedly running over to his computer. I follow him, we open the web browser and within a minute, we’ve entered to win a much needed (and seriously upgraded) coffee machine.

“But we still have to break the bad news to everyone…” I start, as I smell our office’s signature scent wafting in. It’s fresh coffee!

Martha rounds the corner with a tray of paper cups. “Anyone in the mood for a cup of joe?” she asks with a smile.

Andy and I are like kids in a candy store. We take our cups with gratitude, and ask Martha just how she knew about the coffee machine.

“I tried to pre-set it last night. I usually have it auto-brewed for us when we come in. But the thing just wouldn’t work!” Martha says as Andy and I sip our sweet, sweet coffees. We nod in agreement with her, familiar with the frustration of finding an out-of-order coffee machine.

“Thank-you, Martha.” I say. “You have no idea how much we need this right now.”

Today, we’ll enjoy our coffee. And tomorrow, we’ll all be bringing a thermos to work. With a little luck, though, we’ll be brewing from our brand new coffee machine by next month!

If your office needs a new coffee machine as much as we do, enter to win here. Or, maybe leave it off your to-do list. If we’re the only office that enters, I like our odds…

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