Tips for Choosing the Right Paper Roll for You!

We know paper rolls are important for your business, but trying to navigate through the variety of rolls can sometimes be overwhelming.  And in the end, are you really choosing the right paper roll for your application?  Below are some tips on what to consider when selecting the right paper roll for you!   


There is no standard size when it comes to paper rolls.  They are available in several lengths and widths.  The width needed will be based on the width of your printer.  As for length, longer rolls will be more economical and more convenient as you don’t have to frequently change the roll, however you will need to make sure the longer length roll will fit into your printer.  


Buying in a larger quantity will likely be more economical, however you will need to consider how much space you have to store them and understand how long it will take you to go through that stock as thermal paper does have a shelf life.  If you store thermal paper in a dark place at a low humidity level and a temperature below 25oC, while also being properly wrapped to avoid toxins from entering, you can store the paper for at least 3 years from the date it was manufactured.   


The thickness and quality of the paper determines how neat and clear the print is.  A higher quality paper will ensure that the print does not get blotchy.


As with most things, you do get what you pay for with thermal paper rolls.  If you are in need of crisp, clear printing that won’t fade over time, a higher quality (and priced) roll is what you need.  However, if your application doesn’t require this, than a more economical roll would suffice. 

We hope these tips have helped you in selecting the right roll for you.  If you need any assistance in choosing a paper roll for your specific application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

How to use colour coding to stay organized

When trying to create order within your workspace, a good place to start is with developing a colour code system to help keep your notes, files, appointments, etc all organized. Spend less time trying to decide how to organize something at the time, by doing just a bit of preplanning ahead so you will gain a tremendous amount of time in the end.

For example, you can use a colour coding system on such every day tasks as:

  1. Selecting file folder colours – assign colours by categories and/ or departments
  2. Creating your to do list on your calendar – for example use red for due dates, blue for brainstorming, green for budgeting, pink for social events
  3. Taking notes – colour coding notes helps your brain to make connections previously overlooked
  4. Sorting through emails – assign colours by sender or subjects to quickly identify what needs attention

To get started, let’s first understand the psychological properties of colours in order to help you decide which colours to use in your new colour coded organization system!


  • Associated with: Energy and Power
  • When to use: Alert coworkers of urgent information


  • Associated with: Luxury, wisdom and wealth
  • When to use: New or long-term projects that focus on the future, or improving your business


  • Associated with: Hope, happiness and positivity
  • When to use: Production tasks or to communicate new ideas


  • Associated with: Stability and healing
  • When to use: Financial tasks and environmental initiatives


  • Associated with: Loyalty, intelligence and focus
  • When to use: Brainstorming, presenting and networking


  • Associated with: Royalty and luxury
  • When to use: Creative tasks


  • Associated with: Compassion and love
  • When to use: Personal labels and special occasions


  • Associated with: Prestige and power
  • When to use: To make other colours stand out and for formal events


  • Associated with: Purity, success and perfection
  • When to use: Marketing tasks, big meetings and announcements

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5 Ways Document Scanning Boosts Efficiency

1. Gets rid of the paper clutter.

We all hate the paper clutter!  We’ve all had the ominous “to file” paper pile on our desk at one point.  Some people can’t even recall the colour of the desk because it’s been so long since they didn’t have papers decorating the top!  A cluttered desk, is a cluttered mind.  Try to do a daily roundup of your papers and scan documents you would like to keep, and recycle or shred those you no longer need.

2. Saves time.

There’s no need to spend time searching through a filing cabinet of file folders to retrieve your documents when you have an electronic copy easily retrievable.  According to a Harvard Business Review study, employees spend an average of 50% of their work time just finding documents.

3. Enables collaboration.

Storing files electronically allows anyone within your team to access them, no matter where they are located.  Updates can be made easily, and in real-time, supporting a productive workflow amongst team members and ease for collaborative working.  

4. More secure.

Paper is vulnerable to theft, loss and even disasters such as flood or fire.  Keep your documents safe and secure by scanning them and storing them electronically.    

5. Quicker response time.

Need approval or a signature?  Instead of sending something by mail or courier, digital transmission of scanned documents allow for a response within minutes.

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