5 Ways Document Scanning Boosts Efficiency

1. Gets rid of the paper clutter.

We all hate the paper clutter!  We’ve all had the ominous “to file” paper pile on our desk at one point.  Some people can’t even recall the colour of the desk because it’s been so long since they didn’t have papers decorating the top!  A cluttered desk, is a cluttered mind.  Try to do a daily roundup of your papers and scan documents you would like to keep, and recycle or shred those you no longer need.

2. Saves time.

There’s no need to spend time searching through a filing cabinet of file folders to retrieve your documents when you have an electronic copy easily retrievable.  According to a Harvard Business Review study, employees spend an average of 50% of their work time just finding documents.

3. Enables collaboration.

Storing files electronically allows anyone within your team to access them, no matter where they are located.  Updates can be made easily, and in real-time, supporting a productive workflow amongst team members and ease for collaborative working.  

4. More secure.

Paper is vulnerable to theft, loss and even disasters such as flood or fire.  Keep your documents safe and secure by scanning them and storing them electronically.    

5. Quicker response time.

Need approval or a signature?  Instead of sending something by mail or courier, digital transmission of scanned documents allow for a response within minutes.

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How to look your best on video calls

For many of us, looking natural on video doesn’t come very easy. Now throw in the added element of being live on a video call, and that adds a whole other level of awkwardness!

Here is a great video that provides some excellent tips for prepping for a video call, and then how to ensure you appear as your best self during the video call.


We hope you found these tips helpful and will use them on your next video call!  Leave us a note in the comments to let us know how you’ve improved your video calls, or if you have any tips that you can share! 


How to use the Zappar App!

Have you tried Zappar yet? Zappar adds a new visual dimension to the world seen through your device as a digital discovery channel. It makes our catalogue and flyers come to life with informational and engaging content. Want to be apart of this fantastic customer experience? Follow these steps below!

1. Download the Zappar app on your device

Free to download Zappar app on iOS in the App Store for iPhone and iPad
Free to download Zappar app on Android Google Play

2. Find featured products in catalogue and flyers with a Zappar code. It will look similar to this: 

Note* each Zappar has its own unique design in this format
It will look like this on flyer and catalogue pages

3. Once installed: Open the app, hover the camera over the Zapcode and press ‘Scan Zapcode’

The camera usually picks up the Zapcode automatically but if it does not press the ‘Scan Zapcode’ button
After the zapcode is scanned it will unlock the content

5. Access interactive content

Press on the call out button to view interactive content. Zappar is able to link to videos, PDFs, websites and more!

6. View the interactive content

In this example, it opens the Global G1 Ergo Seating PDF to learn more about the featured product:

Don’t miss out. Download Zappar today and start viewing augmented virtual and mixed reality experiences!