5 Ways Document Scanning Boosts Efficiency

1. Gets rid of the paper clutter.

We all hate the paper clutter!  We’ve all had the ominous “to file” paper pile on our desk at one point.  Some people can’t even recall the colour of the desk because it’s been so long since they didn’t have papers decorating the top!  A cluttered desk, is a cluttered mind.  Try to do a daily roundup of your papers and scan documents you would like to keep, and recycle or shred those you no longer need.

2. Saves time.

There’s no need to spend time searching through a filing cabinet of file folders to retrieve your documents when you have an electronic copy easily retrievable.  According to a Harvard Business Review study, employees spend an average of 50% of their work time just finding documents.

3. Enables collaboration.

Storing files electronically allows anyone within your team to access them, no matter where they are located.  Updates can be made easily, and in real-time, supporting a productive workflow amongst team members and ease for collaborative working.  

4. More secure.

Paper is vulnerable to theft, loss and even disasters such as flood or fire.  Keep your documents safe and secure by scanning them and storing them electronically.    

5. Quicker response time.

Need approval or a signature?  Instead of sending something by mail or courier, digital transmission of scanned documents allow for a response within minutes.

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Garbage Bag Selector Guide

When it comes to the world of garbage bags, there are so many choices! Density, size, strength and colour are all features you need to consider when determining which bag is right for your application. Let us help you to navigate the various choices and help you determine which bag is right for you!


Linear Low Density

  • Excellent tear strength, stretch and puncture resistance
  • Ideal for heavy waste and sharp or jagged trash
  • Available in flat and star bottom

High Density

  • Limited tear strength and stretch
  • Ideal for wet, bulky trash; not recommended for sharp objects


Bag Width

  • Use 1/2 of the outer circumference of the container

Bag Length

  • The height of the container plus 1/2 of the diameter of the container bottom, plus 3” (for overhang).
  • For square or rectangular containers, use the diagonal of the container bottom rather than the diameter.


How much does the liner need to hold?

  • Typically, the thicker the bag the more weight it can hold
  • Liners are identified as light, medium, heavy and extra-heavy



  • Hide unsightly trash

Silver or coloured

  • Great for aesthetics


  • Prevent theft and/or recycling

Now that you’ve learned about the difference in garbage bags, you can confidently select the right bag for you!  

Office Cleaning Checklist

Make sure no area within your office is overlooked in cleaning with our FREE Office Cleaning Checklist. Whether you’re a large office with regular commercial cleanings, or a smaller office where everyone pitches in to the upkeep of the office, you can find use for this handy checklist. We also included an area where you can check off the cleaning frequencies based on your specific office’s needs.

And for your cleaning supplies, you’ll find a list of the essentials that can be checked off when supplies need replenishing, and then used as a reference when placing your next order with us!

We hope you enjoy this FREE Office Cleaning Checklist!