How to Get Your Office’s Sustainability Initiatives Into High Gear

Every business relies on some type of technology in order to effectively compete and be successful. While machines help increase our productivity – they simultaneously create more waste generated by the organization. While there are various programs implemented for proper disposal and waste management, there are a number of things that a company and its employees can undertake to reduce their waste.


According to a recent article from the Globe and Mail here are some of the 10 ways that sustainability efforts can be embraced (for a full-list see link at the bottom of this blog post):

  • Consolidate Your Devices
  • Digitize Content
  • Maximize Mobility
  • Involve Everyone
  • Dispose Responsibly

These are some of the major points that can help get your organization on the right path to reducing waste. Click here for a detailed list.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Old Office Equipment

Deciding how to dispose of old office equipment in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way has nearly become a “must” for most organizations. While there are a number of recycling programs which can help ease this processes – there are also alternative measures that not only ensure the equipment will not be harming the environment but that it is being put to good use for someone who may need it.

Recycling Old Office Equipment - Office Plus Blog

As the How to Donate or Recycle Old Office Equipment post outlines; these alternatives can be just as effective as recycling and will not cost your business a dime. Some of the alternative options mentioned are:

  • Donating equipment to nonprofit organizations
  • Using websites to connect with people seeking computers or equipment (Free Cycle)
  • Giving away to employees

Support Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

There is no way to avoid having a carbon footprint at the office – your business more than likely requires the use of fuel and electricity to function – however, there are many ways to minimize it. Earth Day is upon us, and although we should not wait for a designated date to Think Green, it gives us all the more reason to be environmentally aware and to practice energy-efficient habits in the workplace and at home.  This article published in Ecopreneurist, “Mission Possible: How to Effectively Reduce Your Business’s Carbon Footprint” offers a number of steps you can take to help minimize your business’s carbon footprint.

At Office Plus, we want to help you make a difference in your workplace. If you look around your office desk right now, you will be surprised at how many products can be replaced with an eco-friendly alternative. We’re not saying you should empty your desk drawers into the trash can (at least recycle them); but when it comes time to find a replacement, awareness is key.

think green

Our April Office Plus Flyer highlights a number of eco-smart office supplies that can help you do your part. Stock up and arm your staff with:

  • Liquid Paper Dryline Grip Recycled Correction Tape;
  • Enviro Plus Reversible File Folders;
  • Post-Its and Notebooks made from recycled paper;
  • Magic Eco-Friendly Tape;
  • O-Ring Recycled Binder; and
  • Even Recycled Paper Clips.