Creative Ways to Use Chalk

Whether you’re trying to stay busy on a rainy day, looking for ways to improve your home and office, or you’ve simply got a lot of chalk on your hands, we’re here to help. Chalk is a great addition to any arts and crafts session, but it can stretch so much further. Here are just a few ways that we love to use chalk.

Creative Ways to Use Chalk

  1. Make a chalk wall. This is a functional, fun addition to any space. We love chalk board walls in the kitchen for writing grocery lists and messages. Use regular chalk for erasable use, and create sections or headings with more long-lasting pastel chalk.
  2. Change your hair colour. Use chalk pastels to give a temporary, funky new look to your hair. Housing a Forest has all the details for you. Try it out on your own hair, or set it up for your kid’s next slumber party.
  3. Remove grease and sweat stains. You just spilled grease on your leather jacket, and your new white shirt already has a sweaty neck rim. Chalk to the rescue! Apply chalk to any area that needs a little lift, let it set for a few minutes to absorb the oil and then wipe it away.
  4. Keep metalware — like silver and tools — pristine. You just learned that chalk absorbs grease and oil, but it also absorbs moisture from the air. This is good news for your silver — and everything in your jewellery and toolbox boxes — because a few sticks of chalk will draw moisture away from your precious metals, keeping them rust- and tarnish-free.
  5. Give your walls a makeover. Painting the house or office is time-consuming. But nobody likes the look of scratched-up paint. When you’re in-between paintings, use chalk — and especially pastel chalk — to hide nicks on your wall. Just find a chalk colour that matches your wall, and keep a few sticks on hand.

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