How To De-Stress With Smart Food Choices

The start of a new year usually means that increased amounts of work, overtime, staying true to resolutions and other factors can cause higher levels of stress in your life. While a certain amount of stress is healthy and leads to being productive – too much of it can cause you to burn out, have mood swings and feel fatigued.


A recent article talks about certain food habits that can help you eliminate stress and help keep your mind focused and body energized. The following steps can be incorporated into your daily routine:

1. Don’t Skip Breakfest

This is probably a no-brainer; eating breakfast gives you energy to start the morning and helps you feel awake. A good breakfast should include grains, protein and a healthy fat (ie. avocado).

2. Eat Five Times a Day

Eating often during the day helps keep your brain and body fueled for the entire day. Skipping a meal or eating at two extremes of the day (morning and night) can cause fatigue and drop in blood sugar levels.

3. Snack Wisely

Fruits, nut, whole-grain snacks are much better than candy bars, pop and high-processed sugar foods.

4. Boost Vitamins

B and C vitamins help mobilize stored energy for instant energy results and have shown improved, positive mental and physical reactions to stress compared to people who lack in these vitamins.

5. Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

Too much of both (or each) can reduce mental focus and cause problems in sleep patterns, resulting in fatigue or tiredness. Switching to decaf or tea is a great alternative, and limiting yourself to one caffeinated drink per day can show significant results.

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