Is Wireless Better?

We love WIFI and wouldn’t even think of using a wall-mounted phone, but wires are still all around us. Like that keyboard or mouse of yours. How many times have you moved your mouse only to realize the wire is tangled? You get on your hands and knees, unplug, re-plug and sit back down. But, shoot, that was the keyboard wire, not the mouse.

It’s enough to make a person switch to wireless. But, what are the pros and cons? When it comes to wireless mice and keyboards, there are some things to consider before making the big switch.

  1. Portability – Ergonomics, people. Portable keyboards and mice can be moved to support proper posture and compliment your workspace. Wireless options won’t limit your movement the way cords do.
  2. More Inputs – If you’re using a laptop, USB inputs are limited. So, if you’re plugging in a mouse and a keyboard, you might be out of space. With wireless options, you can keep USB inputs free for memory sticks, external hard drives and the like!
  3. Battery Life – Here’s the biggest downside to using wireless mice and keyboards. You’re a prisoner to your batteries. If a deadline is looming and your keyboard goes dead, that’s going to be a problem. Always stay well-stocked in the battery department.
  4. Interference – There are plenty of wireless electronics in our households and offices which rely on radio signals. Interference from those signals may result in slow performance from your wireless computer accessories.

So there you have it, from Ebay and Small Business. What do you think — are wireless mice and keyboards better?

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