Supplies You Need for a Power Outage

As any Canadian will tell you, power outages aren’t seasonal. From ice storms to heat waves, a power outage can happen at any time. And while we can’t predict when one will happen, we can prepare for it.

Power Outage Supplies

The most important thing to have during a power outage? An emergency preparedness kit. Sure, most outages last mere minutes, but many of us have experienced that days- or even weeks-long blackout. For such times, turn to these five supplies for information, comfort and survival.

Supplies You Need for a Power Outage

  • During an emergency, wifi and cable might go out but the radio will always be there. A radio will keep you in the loop and may provide life-saving information during major emergencies.
  • Flashlights and lanterns. During a power outage, the last thing you need is an injury from stumbling around in the dark. Flashlights and lanterns aren’t just for convenience, but for safety.
  • Phone chargers. The conventional ones won’t work, so look for battery-powered backup chargers to keep you connected to friends and loved ones during a power outage.
  • Without batteries, radios, flashlights and some back-up phone chargers are useless. Keep a good range of sizes — from AAA to D — and you’ll be able to power any appliance.
  • No-heat meals. Your stove won’t work. Your freezer and refrigerator should stay closed to keep food from spoiling. Keep a few fully-cooked canned goods — and a manual can opener — to ensure you don’t go hungry.

For more tips on how to thrive during a power outage, visit Get Prepared.

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