Celebrating Small Businesses On Canada Day

It’s the Friday before Canada Day, and I’m chatting with Aditi about an important project that we completed over the month of June. It’s sunny outside, and my eyes keep wandering out the window. I think to myself, it’s been a gorgeous month.

“I’m so proud of you all,” Aditi says with enthusiasm. “I know the deadline was tight, but you got it done. And I’m very impressed with the quality of work.”

“Thank-you, Aditi,” I say with a smile. “I think we all enjoyed working on the project so much. I hope it came through in the final draft.”

“Oh, it did,” Aditi assures me.

“Wonderful,” I start. “On that note, I was hoping to give a few of our team members a surprise Monday off for their hard work. Canada Day is on a Tuesday this year, and it would be so nice to give them a four-day weekend.”

“Funny you ask,” Aditi responds, “because I was going to tell you that the whole office has been granted Monday off for a job well done! Also, there’s a special delivery on its way to you right now.”

“How generous!” I beam. “Thank-you very much.”

I hear a beep on the line, and the low buzz of voices. It’s Aditi’s administrator, telling her that her next meeting has arrived.

“Sorry, Rona, but I better get going. Thanks again for the hard work. Enjoy the long weekend!” Aditi says before ending our call.

I walk over to Brigid’s desk with a smile on my face. “Brigid,” I start, “I’d like to give you Monday off for all the overtime you put in this month.” She gives me a big thank-you and then, in typical Brigid fashion, dives right back into her work.

I go around the office giving everyone the good news, and the gratitude is overwhelming. I almost forget about the lunchtime delivery, but then Brigid knocks on my door.

“You’ve got to see this!” she says with excitement.

There is a huge package on Brigid’s desk. Chapman’s icecream, sandwiches from a local deli and mini hockey sticks. There’s a note, too:

“To my hard workers, thank-you for everything. You deserve a treat.”

Office Ice Cream for Canada Day

Before long, we’re all digging into the sandwiches and ice cream, talking about our plans for the long weekend.

“Who’s up for a game of hockey?” Andy asks as he grabs the bundle of mini sticks. He inspects them. “Made in Canada. Nice!”

“You know Aditi,” I say. “Always supporting Canadian businesses.”

“How appropriate for Canada Day!” Brigid responds.

Support Canadian Small Business on Canada Day 2014

“Well, we do it all year,” I remind her. “Most of our clients are small Canadian businesses. And look, Chapman’s icecream is made in Canada. These sandwiches are from a local shop.”

“Even our office supplies come from a Canadian supplier,” she interjects, “Office Plus!”

I smile at her, “You’re absolutely right. We have to support one another, and Aditi has always believed in that.”

We begin to gush about our favourite local businesses. Brigid recommends a local skincare company, and I tell her about my locally-made living room furniture.

“Alright, alright,” Andy says with mock impatience, “but who’s up for some hockey?”

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