3 Steps to a More Functional Office Design [Infographic]

Seeking some fresh inspiration at work? It might be time for a little office design makeover.

Studies have shown the physical environment of an office directly influences productivity. Take a look at your office layout and design. Does the space represent your business? Does it reflect the way you work? Is it organized, well furnished and visually appealing? Is it well-lit and well-ventilated?

Here are some office design ideas to freshen up your office space without spending a lot of time or money on a full-blown makeover:

1. Let in some light.

According to Parkin Architects Limited, “The presence of windows in the workplace and access to daylight is linked to increased work satisfaction.” Consider switching to a lighter window treatment to brighten up your office space.

2. Rearrange the furniture.

When making any new furniture purchases, take a moment to evaluate how the layout of your office is meeting your needs. Try to keep things easily accessible and open up the space to improve the overall flow of your office.

3. Organize your desktop.

Keep only the tools and gadgets you use daily on the surface of your desk, and have a designated space for additional supplies. You probably don’t need to have an overflowing cup of pens at your fingertips. Try to minimize the clutter . This month’s Office Plus flyer has a range of desk accessories, including pencil cups, magazine racks, folder sorters, etc., to help you stay organized.

See the infographic below for additional office design planning tips to help you create a functional, flexible and efficient office space.

The Importance of Proper Office Space Planning


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