How to Balance Exercise, Work and Family

For majority of adults, incorporating any sort of exercise routine that will yield desirable results is often challenging. Most of a regular day is spent at work, and with the overwhelming popularity of sedentary jobs, few of us get the necessary activity required for a healthy lifestyle. The remaining time is often used to balance family, friends and responsibilities. Hence why it may be hard to stick to a serious exercise routine or achieve a long-term training goal.

Exercising at the Office - Balanced Lifestyle

Fortunately, we stumbled across great tips from the Mio blog to help you incorporate exercise into a busy lifestyle:

If possible, add cardio to errands

  • If you’re going to the grocery store to grab a loaf of bread or need a haircut try walking or running instead of commuting. Pick and choose the errands that make most sense for your time and exercise goals.

Cycle to work

  • You’ve read that right: try cycling to work instead of driving. We spend a good chunk of our time getting to and from work, why not use it as exercise?

Work from home

  • Plenty of organizations are introducing telecommuting (or working from home). If you have such an option, use the time that would be allocated for commuting to fit in exercise.

Exercise while you work

  • Joining a webinar where you don’t have to speak? Have a longer than usual lunch break? All of these times can be used for exercising. Getting a group of co-workers together for lunch walks or runs is a great way to get everyone at the office moving.

Get up early

  • If you can make any extra time in the mornings before work or family responsibilities, add an exercise routine. It is a great way to get your body going for the rest of the day.

Involve the kids or family members

  • If you have kids make sure they are a part of your exercise schedule. They do not have to follow a rigorous training session, but they can walk, run or try other forms of activity suitable for their age. Same goes for parents, partners or siblings – find a common exercise that you can share together and get moving!

For a full list of tips visit Mio’s article here.

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