On the Road A Lot? Here is How You Can Stay Active

Certain jobs require people to travel often. Staying active on these business (or personal) trips can be challenging. Unfamiliar facilities, busy schedules, etc.

Fortunately, we came across a great workout routine infographic on the Fitbit blog to help you stay active while on the road. It was designed to incorporate a routine that could be performed in smaller spaces, like hotel rooms.

Keep in mind that the exercises below make up an entire workout session. If you’re looking to start off slow or work on a specific muscle group, narrow down the exercises and pace yourself. Start off with warm-up routines and eventually move into the more demanding exercises to get your muscles working. Remember, taking regular rests will help reduce muscle strains and injuries. After all, you don’t want to attend a meeting or a business function too sore to lift up your arms or legs!

Exercise During Travel Infographic


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