Why you should personalize your workspace

For most of us, work is a second home. We’re there at least forty hours each week, often in a very small space that we call ‘our own’. Whether your space is a cubicle, an open-concept desk or an office, it can be optimized with simple office decor. So you can enhance your performance, without changing a thing about your work habits.

Workspace Personalization

The privacy factor

When your office lacks privacy, you’re forced to divert energy away from your tasks to avoid distraction. That creates a mental drain and leads to poor productivity.

But research shows that personalizing your space can mitigate those negative effects. To reduce emotional stress and exhaustion associated with low-privacy work areas, bring in family photos, your favourite throw pillow and an office plant. The more ‘you’ the space feels, the more productive you’ll be.

A better attitude

Researchers in the UK learned that simply allowing an employee to decorate her own office led to a 30 percent increase in productivity. Why? When a worker feels like she has control over her work environment, her attitude dramatically improves.

The benefits of colour

Most offices are decorated in neutrals. Grey walls, beige carpets and black office chairs might look professional, but they sure lack personality. Back in the 1960s, researchers found that factory workers’ productivity increased when they took the workers out of neutral workspaces and into factories with colourful elements. If you’re a creative type, consider bright colours. And if your job is high-stress, try soothing pastels.

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