Support Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

There is no way to avoid having a carbon footprint at the office – your business more than likely requires the use of fuel and electricity to function – however, there are many ways to minimize it. Earth Day is upon us, and although we should not wait for a designated date to Think Green, it gives us all the more reason to be environmentally aware and to practice energy-efficient habits in the workplace and at home.  This article published in Ecopreneurist, “Mission Possible: How to Effectively Reduce Your Business’s Carbon Footprint” offers a number of steps you can take to help minimize your business’s carbon footprint.

At Office Plus, we want to help you make a difference in your workplace. If you look around your office desk right now, you will be surprised at how many products can be replaced with an eco-friendly alternative. We’re not saying you should empty your desk drawers into the trash can (at least recycle them); but when it comes time to find a replacement, awareness is key.

think green

Our April Office Plus Flyer highlights a number of eco-smart office supplies that can help you do your part. Stock up and arm your staff with:

  • Liquid Paper Dryline Grip Recycled Correction Tape;
  • Enviro Plus Reversible File Folders;
  • Post-Its and Notebooks made from recycled paper;
  • Magic Eco-Friendly Tape;
  • O-Ring Recycled Binder; and
  • Even Recycled Paper Clips.

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