Benefits of Hand Sanitizers and Dispensers

Hands-Free Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers and soap dispensers are increasingly making their way into public, work and home settings. If you’re still not sold on the idea take a look at some of the benefits of using this option to keep your hands clean:

Eliminate Second Hand (pun intended) Contamination

Whether you use standard or hands-free soap dispensers and sanitizers, you can eliminate contamination from touching surfaces in shared work areas which people carrying a cold could have had contact with. Sanitizers are a great option to keep at your work-space as they can be used every time you return from a bathroom, meeting or or lunch break.

Variety of Options

Depending on the type of sanitizer you choose, there are a number of options (or combination of options) that can help keep your hands clean. With or without alcohol, dye-free, antibacterial, with or without fragrance, etc. Each of these can serve a useful purpose; from keeping you healthy to eliminating annoying scents. If you’re looking to stay healthy, check out our hand sanitizer flu and cold prevention post.

Portable & Easy to Install

While mountable dispenser options may seem complex they are fairly easy to install and setup in virtually all locations. Personal use bottles and holders are available as well. Simply buy and use! You can place them at your desk, high traffic areas, reception spaces, etc.

Worry-Free Refills

Most mountable systems come with allocated refills that fit right into the technology. With certain models its as easy as replacing a soap packet. While personal use sanitizers are easily recycled and replaced by buying a new bottle.