9 Random Acts of Kindness at Work – some ideas to get you started!

One simple Act of Kindness can really brighten someone’s day! It’s a great tool for the workplace to encourage teamwork as well as employee recognition and retention. Random Acts of Kindness can improve your work atmosphere and boost your motivation. Below are some tips to quickly brighten your colleagues’ workdays.

1. Give Recognition – Employee recognition gifts can help keep team members motivated and let them know that you think they are doing a good job. Some ideas – a gift card to a store or restaurant they like or even a monthly subscription box.

2.  Start a Workplace Kindness Calendar – Each week, a different team member can volunteer to bring in breakfast treats, organize a donation drive, or do something else that inspires kindness and community at work. Or, for more ideas, download this calendar from randomactsofkindness.org >> Kindness Calendar

4. Thank You Notes – Giving a thank you note to someone who helped you meet a deadline, showed you how to work through a process, or who is supportive at work is really easy. It’s also great to receive recognition for the work you’ve done! Include a message of positivity, a joke, or an inspiring quote. (Just make sure it’s appropriate for work.)

5. Bring a Little More Positivity into the Workplace – Instead of complaining about traffic or construction, try to say something positive at least once a day when making small talk.

7. Bring in a Slow Cooker of Soup or a Treat for the Office – If you work in an office, you know that people love to eat!  Make your coworkers’ day and bring a bit of comfort from home, into the office.

8. Write a Positive LinkedIn Review for Your Coworker There’s no better way to share your support for those in your industry than sharing it with other professionals on social media.

9. Set out a Candy Dish – Having a stocked candy dish will encourage people to stop by just to say hi and grab a piece of candy.   

Some other fun ideas:

  • Make a fresh pot of coffee
  • Clean the microwave (even if it isn’t your mess)
  • Hold the door open for the person behind you
  • Give a compliment
  • Leave a favourite coffee or soda on a co-worker’s desk
  • Send a note to the boss describing something spectacular that a colleague has recently done at work
  • Help an officemate with a difficult or unpleasant task without being asked
  • Brush ice or snow off coworkers’ cars in the parking lot
  • Ask a newbie out to lunch
  • Pass on your favourite books

Download the Random Acts of Kindness Calendar from http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-at-work here >> CALENDAR


Simple Ways to Show Appreciation in the Office

Everyone loves to be appreciated, especially for the work they do in the office. Take some time to appreciate your fellow employees with one of these examples!

Hand-written Notes

By living in such a tech-savvy world, we are used to sending and receiving so many emails that it typically is the main resource for sending out a thank-you to someone that deserves it. Odds are, whoever is receiving this thank-you will quickly scan the message then trash it. Try taking the time to write out a nice letter, it shows that you are appreciative enough of this person that you would take the time out to do something nice for them.

Thank you post-it notes in many different languages.

Small Gestures

A small gesture respecting someone’s comfort and convenience can mean a lot. Even taking an employee’s empty cup or paperwork for them can make their day just a little bit better.

Acknowledge Absences

We all know that when employees take a vacation or even a sick day, their work gets added to your to-do list. Instead of getting frustrated about it, take the work happily then when the person returns, let them know how much they were missed and how important their contribution is to the office.

Give it back

Make sure that when you borrow someone’s supplies that you return them as soon as you are done with them. Don’t let the lender feel annoyed and inconvenienced.

Clean it up

On a busy day, it is really tempting to leave your dishes in the break room sink or your files piled on the conference room table. Schedule some time in your day to clean up your mess, it shows that you respect and appreciate the shared spaces in the office.

Offer Public Praise

Look for opportunities to pay small, genuine compliments around the office. Everyone loves to be told that they did a great job or look great and sometimes those are just what a person needs to brighten their day.

Give Second Chances

Everyone makes mistakes, so show people that you trust them to make things right the second time around.

Celebrate Milestones

You don’t need to shower your colleagues with gifts, but just taking the time to go to them and say “congratulations” on their personal and professional milestones can mean a lot to them.

Leave a Lagniappe

A lagniappe is a small, inexpensive gift such as a flower, hand-drawn doodle, or even a post-it note with a smile on it. Small gestures can make a big difference on a hard day.

Source: https://www.inc.com

Whiteboard vs Glassboard – Which is Right for You?

So you want to update your workspace, or you’re looking to add some collaboration tools to your office.  A board for writing down ideas or to-do lists is just what you need! With many choices now available for dry-erase boards, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you.  Here, we’ve broken down the differences in all the options available and describe the pros and cons of each to help you narrow down the best option for you. 


First we start with the more traditional, Whiteboards.  You may be surprised to learn that not every whiteboard is made equal.  Here you have 3 different material options:

  1. Porcelain – these durable boards have a smooth porcelain surface and steel-backing to make the board magnetic. The porcelain is non-porous, which prevents ink from penetrating the surface and permanently staining. Porcelain boards are heavier than the other options, which will require a sturdy place to mount the board and multiple people to help with the installation.
  2. Painted Steel – these are your classic-style whiteboards and most commonly found.  Made with a steel-backing, then coated with a white base colour and clear coating which gives the board its dry-erase ability.  These boards do not last as long as porcelain, but with consistent cleaning the life of the surface can be extended.
  3. Melamine – these are the most cost effective whiteboards and ideal for personal or occasional use.  Melamine boards are not magnetic and the surface coating is not as durable as the other whiteboard options. 


Glassboards tend to be more expensive than whiteboards but glassboards are generally longer lasting, more durable and have a premium look within an office environment.

Made with tempered glass, these boards are extremely durable and will not scratch or dent.  The smooth glass surface will not leave stains or ghosted writing behind.

Although they are the more expensive option, their longevity and high quality make them a good investment.

Board Comparison Chart

Source:  https://www.quartet.com/quartet-blog/buyers-guide/the-difference-between-whiteboard-surface-types/